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Mrs. O'Brien's Class - DInosaur Research

Dinosaur Research Projects 2018

Students researched dinosaurs during library class and learned about their habitat, diet, behavior and where their fossils were located. They used websites and a database to find information and they learned how to take notes and write sentences about their dinosaurs. They also learned about sources and giving credit to the information they used in their projects. Students were required to create a Power Point to share their knew knowlegde.If you are having trouble viewing this then you need to have Power Point Viewer on your computer.It can be downloaded for free. Just click Here.
T-Rex by Jude & Landon Apatosaurus(Brontosaurus) by Aniela & Scarlett Giganotosaurus by Tyler & Henry Argentinosaurus by Kyle & Sheldon

Image result for trex
Tyrannoasurus rexjudelandon.pptx

Image result for apatosaurus


Image result for giganotosaurus

Image result for argentinosaurus

Troodon by Alex & Tanner Kentrosaurus by Phoebe & Khianne Minmi by Magnolia & Cason Euoplocephalus by Bryce & Adrianna

Image result for troodon


Image result for kentrosaurus

Image result for minmi

Image result for euoplocephalus


Mustang Mini Researchers
The purpose of this research project is to provide enrichment to students. The students learned about the research process; I Wonder...(Asking a question), I Find... (Getting the info you need), I Evaluate... (Understanding what you've found) and I Share...(Telling others what you learned). Students were required to take notes and create a story about a topic of their choice. The chose to use the iPad and an App called My Story. Students used non-fiction books,websites, or databases to find information. They learned how to use copyright free images and how to give credit to the sources they used in their projects.
Fancy Flowers by Hailey! Rockin' Reptiles by Griffin!

Coming Soon

Mini Mustang Research Group 2016
Non-Fiction Poetry Vokis
The purpose of this research project is to provide enrichment to students. The students learned about the research process; Plan, Search, Discover, Create and Share. Students were required to pick a topic of interest, research and record information and write a poem. They chose to record themselves reading their poems using an online tool called a voki at Students used non-fiction books, websites, or databases to find information. 
Sloth by Mabel

              Click here to listen

This research project was a lot of fun to create. The students used a very cool tech tool called They created posters about the topics they researched.
Koala Bear by Mabel

Koala Bear by Mabel


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