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Employees sometimes experience challenges with their personal medical situation and need to take time to get well.  The Family & Medical Leave Act applies in this scenario – you can find details about how FMLA works below.  It’s most important that a person gets better.  To go out on medical leave, please refer to the following to be sure your leave goes forward without worry:

What We Need From You
Please notify us in writing as soon as you become aware of your need to take a medical leave.  This is critical to ensure that your leave proceeds without worry, that we provide you with the information you need, and that your pay check and health benefits are not adversely affected.

What We Will Send to You
Once you’ve notified us of your need to take a medical leave, we will provide you with the information you need, including your available sick days, approximately when you will run out of sick days, and what you need to do when you are ready to return to work.

To continue to be paid by the district you will need to use your available sick time.  When you notify us (hyperlink to form) of your need to take a medical leave, we will notify you in writing (hyperlink to form) of our receipt of the request, along with the number of sick days available to you.  We will also notify you of the availability of a sick bank according to the terms of your collective bargaining agreement, if applicable.

Health Benefits
Health benefits will continue as normal if you are using sick days (personal or via sick bank).  Deductions will continue for your share of the cost of health benefits.  If, however, you continue your leave unpaid, you will need to pay the full cost of insurance premiums to continue coverage after the mandatory period covered by FMLA (see below).  Please contact the district as soon as possible if you think your leave will be extended and unpaid.

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